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Corporate Giving Opportunitites

There are different ways that organizations can help us in our mission to provide relief for those in need, below are suggested ways that your organization can make a difference in the lives of many. If you have any suggestions of your own, outside of what we have mentioned, please do not hesitate to contact us here

1.)Annual Partnerships

It is through your donations that The Legion of Good Will (LBV) is able to help those in need. By choosing to make a charitable donation to the LBV your organization is making it possible for families to be provided with food, for children to be provided with school supplies, and emergency relief for those facing unforeseen tragedies. While there are many ways that you can help our cause we welcome the opportunity to work in partnership with your organization on changing the lives of millions. To be a part of the LBV’s mission to help those in need, please contact us here


2.)Corporate Community Fundraisers

The Legion of Good Will (LBV) has partnered and would like to partner with more local businesses in the New York and New Jersey metropolitan areas as a part of the Solidarity Coin Bank Campaign. This initiative seeks to raise public awareness of the humanitarian work of the LBV while raising donations for its socio-educational programs and its mission of peace, love, and goodwill. By placing the coin banks near cash registers, customers will be given the opportunity to donate their loose change and thus make a difference. To be a part of campaign please contact us here


3.)Non-Cash Donations

Monetary donations is not the only way that that you can help The Legion of Good Will (LBV), through the donations of necessary items your organization can help provide the materials needed to make our campaigns a huge success. By donating such items as foods for our Charity Round programs, school materials for children during our Backpacks for a Bright Future campaign, baby products for mothers during our Baby Citizen campaign, etc. you are making sure that the beneficiaries of these events have more than enough to be joyful for. To inquire on what non-cash donations is acceptable to donate, please contact us here