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International guests visit the LGW in Brazil

Volunteers and enthusiasts share their experience abroad

The Legion of Good Will was honored to have distinguished visitors at the José de Paiva Netto Educational Center located in Rio de Janeiro. Harold Villarosa, a businessman and renowned chef from the United States who aims to empower the youth, expressed his gratitude as he said “I am very happy and humbled to spend time with the kids today, to be able to see your inner workings here.”  Mr. Villarosa was accompanied by Canadian consultant Charles Holmes, and volunteer Stephani Peralta from Venezuela. Both were inspired by the work done by the LGW as Mr. Holmes said “The work of the LGW is absolutely extraordinary. You're feeding them with love, food and for what I have seen here, great education.” They were warmly welcomed by the Ecumenical Choir of Children, which is formed by students and helps to instill the importance of creativity and expression in the school grounds. The innovative proposal, formed by the Pedagogy of Affection and the Ecumenical Citizen Pedagogy, proposes a new model of learning. The philosophy goes by forming "Brain and Heart"

Bruna de Jesus

Chefs Harold Villarosa, Charles Holmes and Sthephani Peralta with the students at the Educational Center José de Paiva Netto, in Rio.

Through the practice of ecumenical spirituality infused within their teachings that are embodied with love. The guests toured the school as they visited the premises of the LGW School, the Dental Center, the Martial Arts Room and the cafeterias. The last stop was at the chefs’ beloved workspace; the kitchen! There the chefs were informed of the meals that are created to provide the students with a balanced nutrition. They made it a point to interact and have lunch together with the children, and were impressed to see the children spontaneously serving the vegetables.

The LGW also welcomed the rapper Blahzay Martell. As he toured the facilities in Sao Paulo and had the opportunity to speak with many of the children, he went on to say how he was inspired by the LGW. In a post he added to social media, he cited these words by José de Paiva Netto, the President of the LGW: “The stability of the world begins in the heart of children.”  The musician's generosity led him to create his own fundraising campaign on Facebook in support of our organization. He was also joined by hip-hop artist Al Skratch, who shared of his visit being the highlight of his trip to Brazil.  As he stated “Hands down the most memorable and important part of my Brazilian trip was connecting with the children; communicating through the universal language of music!”.

Vivian R. Ferreira

Hip Hop artits Blahzay Martell and Al Skratch visit the Educational Complex in Sao Paulo.

Mr. Edward Baca, founder of a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting recovering alcoholics and addicts, has also found inspiration by visiting the LGW educational complex in Rio. As he toured the school’s facilities, from sports and music practice centers, to a computer lab and kitchen, he was impressed with the wide range of activities offered to those children. Mr. Baca later met with the kids, and emotionally applauded as he watched the children's choir perform a few songs to their visitor. He later reported feeling "truly moved by the experience".

Coming from a challenging background himself, he believes that the LGW gives these kids an opportunity to succeed in life. In a heartwarming message he left to the kids, Mr. Baca writes "You are so blessed to be in your school. The school teaches you academics, sports, music, but most importantly about the importance of having God in your life."

The LGW extends its gratitude to these visitors who took the time to learn about our work and visit our school grounds. It is people like you who help our organization transform so many lives.

The wellbeing of a child does not solely rely on their education, but rather their overall mental and physical being. The LGW prides itself on being an organization that protects the sanctity of all children and pushes forth an agenda where all human beings are treated with the dignity, and respect they deserve.

Want to join the cause and have a meaningful experience abroad? The LGW is present in seven countries filled with exciting opportunities waiting for you. Learn more about our Blue Heart Ambassadors program or call (646) 398-7128.