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LGW's Participation in United Nations High-Level Political Forum

The organization shared its recommendations with delegations, international agencies, authorities and civil society organizations.

The Legion of Good Will (LGW) has once again participated in the High-Level Political Forum held by the United Nations’ Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), which took place in New York City from July 16th to July 19th. This year's meeting discussed the topic of, “transformation towards sustainable and resilient societies” and how to develop rural or urban areas, an issue that is critical to the protection and evolution of an Earth that is suffering more and more from the effects of climate change and other social and economic crisis.

On multiple occasions, the LGW has shared its exceptional practices with government delegations, international agencies, authorities and civil society organizations that are present at these events. These experiences are the result of the work of the LGW across seven countries - Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, United States, Paraguay, Uruguay and Portugal - to reinforce the protective factors of communities and families in situations of social vulnerability with a lack of basic services, and with a high susceptibility to the effects of climate change, such as floods or droughts.

The LGW also delivered an oral statement at the UN/Trusteeship Council Chamber, highlighting the education for Ecumenical Citizenship, or global citizenship, as an indispensable tool for achieving a permanent change, ensuring not only a bright future but a secure present as well.