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The LGW Invites You to Pay It Forward

In the spirit of Pay It Forward Day, the LGW encourages you to make a difference in fun and creative ways!

Hello LGW family! Here at the Legion of Good Will, we are all very excited for April 28th to approach, because it is Pay It Forward Day, when encouraging millions to do small acts of kindness for a day, it can have a huge positive impact on our world. Pay It Forward Day is a global initiative that works to create a ripple effect of kindness throughout the globe. This year’s Pay It Forward Day has a goal to inspire over 10 million acts of kindness and there are currently over 80 countries participating! We encourage all to participate and perform an kind gesture on this day.

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Volunteers help organize charitable dinner to benefit the construction of the Paiva Netto Educational and Social Assistance Center in Newark, NJ,

One of the many ways you can participate in this global initiative is by donating to a worthwhile cause. Our amazing volunteers have recently hosted a fundraiser dinner in anticipation of Pay It Forward Day. Proceeds from the tickets will go towards the construction of the LGW's Educational and Social Assistance Center in Newark, New Jersey, which will benefit over 1300 families in need. The local community was a great help too. Volunteers prepared food, provided music and donated hygiene items that will benefit our SOS Disaster Relief Program and support families in areas recently affected by a cyclone in Mozambique.

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Ana Sequeira, one of our most engaged volunteers, is a huge inspiration to anyone who wants to pay it forward. Ana helped organize the charitable dinner, reached out to friends and family to participate. She also plays an important role in our Charity Round Program, preparing and distributing meals every week to disadvantaged families at the YMCA Shelter in Newark, New Jersey. Last year, Ana organized a Saint Patrick's Day fundraiser to celebrate her birthday, in benefit of the construction of our new school and community center.

A Charitable Birthday is a great way to fundraise for a special cause. Many people have decided to switch things up and create donation pages to charities or nonprofit organizations of their choice and essentially “give their birthday” to charity—as opposed to accumulating birthday gifts. It’s a very special and rewarding thing to do. This is consisting of the “tidying up” trend that people have been shifting towards, obtaining less items in order to feel joy for the ones they already have. So, instead of getting a bunch of things for your birthday, consider simply having your friends donate to a cause that you care about and give the gift of love and charity for your special day. You can create a fundraiser on Facebook or a donation fund website. One of our LGW volunteers, Karinne Lima, gave her birthday to charity last year. She created a page on and asked for her friends and family to donate to the LGW as her birthday gift. She was able to raise $300 and we are moved by her big heart.

This Pay it Forward Day, April 28, we are preparing a baby shower for homeless women in the New York and New Jersey areas. If you are interested in donating baby items, please contact us at 646-398-7128 to arrange the collection.

There are many different ways to make a positive impact, from starting a fundraiser to making a tax-deductible donation, to signing up to volunteer for a day. This month, in anticipation of Pay it Forward Day, we are sharing fun ideas to get you inspired. So be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram and stay tuned!

We hope you feel encouraged to embrace the incredible power of giving and to support those who mean something to you.