Help stop hunger now!

Every 15 dollars guarantee a balanced meal to three children in need. Your contribution allows us to serve more than 5 million meals per year.

food basket
provides a full basket for a family a four
milk for a month
ensures the monthly milk to a baby in need
three meals
covers three complete meals for children in poverty

What our clients say

5 reasons to donate

We strive for the full development of children, so we offer food as part of our programs. Because we believe that they can develop better through education, sports, art and culture in a healthy way. #share
We care about the transparency of our work and how we use your donation. Campaign results will be available on our website, social profiles, and we will email you regularly. #Commitment
The global socioeconomic situation has affected millions of families and we know that you also have monthly expenses. Therefore, you choose the value of your donation starting at 5 dollars. This already makes a big difference in the lives of these kids! #Solidarity
Donating is super easy! Our form is very simple to fill out, and it will take you less than 1 minute to complete your donation. #Agility
And one extra reason: Because doing good feels good!

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